Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Recover Bookmarks in Safari

Thanks to the crappy install of Verizon Yahoo! I lost all of my bookmarks. After three days of grieving and sending acerbic emails to "Customer Support" and receiving only automated responses, I found my .plists (on a hint from a response in an Apple Discussion). Inside my home folder, in the Library/Safari folder was (and still is and shall be forever) a Bookmarks.copy.plist. Yep. Made about the right time, too. So all is forgiven and lesson learned. Those of you who have not yet made copies of your Bookmarks.plist do so right now. Especially if you use your bookmarks as a private vault of useful pathways to information.

Those of you at Verizon Yahoo! who lied to get that Apple programming job, feel very, very bad! Forgiveness does not mean a pardon. If, on the other had, you had to do it to save your job, ... Know this Yahoo! war mongers, Safari is not the weird stepchild but the yet-to-be-understood genius of browsers.

NOTE: I restored the bookmarks by copying Bookmarks.copy.plist to the desktop, renaming it Bookmarks.plist, dragging it into the Library/Safari folder, thereby replacing the existing file.

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