Friday, January 21, 2011

0121 - Words and Art

to pull the ichat the ribbons the dregs the highway to pull to reach to run the rails the rails the rails that aren't rails the highways or paths or ways of the energy of time and space the length of the morrison and what's that the fuck of the energy and god dammit and there and there's a still small voice drowned out by energy and direction and flow and although i long to jump into the raging river i stay by the still quiet streams and rest and think and enjoy just having my toes in the water insted of full on swimming whatever that is and why is that and that is and there is no flow and i am just pulled and pushed and then the eddies carry me along to the edge of whatever and i am again at the creek the silent nay burbling creek with it's precious stones and quiet bugs and random footsteps and silly aquinas moments and the dread of something something to take me away ...

those things that i do, art, write, blog, poetry, movies etc. are all ways to touch the real world. the world where the paths are true, the steel true and the blades straight. where it really happens. i wish to live there. to stop wishing and just go with the flow to follow the path. what is required? no one knows. (2008)

Random Sky 2 (2004)

As I look ahead and glance behind this 365 Make Something weighs in as a onerous task. Can I really dredge up the past for 365 days? I've done it for 21 days (with a bit of cheating - back dating posts - although, as I've been told, on page 3 the book says "there are no rules.") and that feels like 60. So. We'll see.

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