Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Classical Gap

Yes, there has been a gap in my classical music education. This isn't the first I've known of it. I fell into the gap years ago listening to Debussy and Ravel while studying in the library at George Mason University. I sat in a carrel with huge earphones clamped to my head and lost track of space and time watching the sun shine intermittently through the multi-story glass wall into my eyes while a part of me that I barely new existed went to places off the map. Brilliant.

Today's gap discovery is Poulenc, Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc, a french composer with serious breadth and depth, who's music has taken me there again. iTunes is full of versions of his work, so you can sample plenty of them. I purchased the "Song of the Night" there because it seemed like a nice play on themes (Poulenc was tagged as "half bad boy, half monk") and it will fit in nicely into my "Sunday Morning" playlist. So, that's a start. Actually, I started with an Ogg Vorbis file from wikipedia (Capriccio) but you need a third party player (try Audacity). Now I'm going to find an album, or at least a small flock of pieces, of real Poulenc and for a little while magic will live again.

Paul Cantelon - Falling Water - Monk Meets Poulenc (medley) Monk Meets Poulenc (medley)

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