Tuesday, May 22, 2007

so much so little

There's the deck to stain. I've done the railing. It looks so nice. Here's a tip: buy good paint. Here's another: prepare the surface. I am entranced with the miracle of sanding! Sure, I've made wooden things before. I was forced to work with wood during a crafts class in the seventies. I had to sand by hand. This time I sanded with a machine. Doesn't matter. Both work. But if you're doing a railing I suggest a machine unless you're going for that "made by hand" look. But it's just lovely the way the wood responds to paint and how the paint covers it so thoroughly and smoothly. Sanding is the answer! ... no matter what the question.

Oh. Right. Then there's a poem or two in my head that need writing down. Soon. And my camera is holding lovely (I hope) shots of the river in spring which I would love to share with you.

And every five seconds I have yet another topic to blog about. It's definitely something like spring but a lot like summer. This I have discovered after three hours at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with friends. If you get the chance, hire a guide. We had an excellent one and I learned so much. Guides know it all. I've missed a lot just wandering along reading pamphlets. I didn't take any photos but I still have impressions to share.

That, and I'm trying really hard to be me all the time. Oh! And I need to relay my last PP experience. Yes. I have something to say about that and I can't just let it go with one poem.

Yikes! And there's Pirates of the Caribbean! I may actually see it first run but not the night it opens. It's very long and I need my beauty sleep (okay – keep those thoughts to yourself). And I've discovered yet another thing about my youthful past that you must know. heh heh

I'll be back.

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Listening. iPod List - Rock (unpublished); a million birds
Watching. Annie Hall (1977)
Activity. deck renewal
Gadget. iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen
News Source. I am the news!
Reading. A Diet to Die For - Joan Hess; My Mind - me; GD USA; Fortune The New York Times and The Washington Post online (Yes, I really am reading them all right now—I'm a reading addict. What can I say?)

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