Saturday, July 28, 2007

impeach bush

Yesterday I visited In Other Words for the first time in days and read Viggo Mortensen's rant about Bush. Considering the other fine speeches Mr. Mortensen has made, the rant was uncharacteristically blunt and in ALL CAPS. I presume Mr. Mortensen has been around the net long enough to be fully aware of the conventions.

At the bottom of his tirade was a list of links for those interested in supporting the impeachment of President Bush. (Dick Cheney definitely needs impeaching, too, but I think the sanity squad will be rounding him up long before then.)

Here's the petition to impeach Bush. I signed it. You can, too! (Although, I don't think Belgians can. But you never know. Give it a whack.)

Extra: Perceval Press is giving away a book (you pay postage) to support the cause. Order yours now!
Twilight of Empire is ultimately an unflinching look at the corporate greed and manipulation at the bottom of what may be the most bungled foreign policy project in United States history. With the bodies piling up and no success in sight, Americans can no longer and sit idly by while their elected (and unelected) leaders gamble their future away.
(quoted from Perceval Press)

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