Thursday, January 06, 2011

0106 - Words and No Art

is is done yet? is it time? i don't know. i haven't really paid attention to what time it is. i may have been here 10 minutes i may have been here five minutes. any;way. i was here and i guess hta't s all that mater.s
- 2008

A poem written on January 6th (or at least published on that day). For your convenience reproduced here:

to stop wishing
I want to rush out and meet the day head on like a train wreck in a movie
- with passion and assurance
- controlled and beautiful
- - the long, long way down with all the twists and turns
- - following, following the lead, the lead, the lead and surpassing it, guiding it, immersed

to be grayer than the gray days
bluer than the blue days
whiter than the white days

to soar beyond the birds
hike my dress up
let my hair down

and to stop wishing


No art. In fact, January 6th is notable for the lack of things I write or make. I generally skip most of the first part of January. The above snippet is from my Morning Pages of 2008. 

I have now opened this up to just about anything I may have written or created on the day in question. Ergo, pawing through old notebooks and finding a box of staples but no stapler. Also found the Rolling Stone tribute magazine to George Harrison on his death and the official The Mask Collector's Magazine. If you'd like to have either of them, let me know.

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