Tuesday, January 11, 2011

0111 - Words and Art

having dreams. dream of end of world. starts as trip to somewhere special with lots of friends. (2005)

i can only spend so much time analyzing desktop images and why some are good and others suck and why that's not true for everyone. ... and there i've said it or written it and no poems come out because when i notice i stop and then i think how the hell and then i realize i have stopped it like finding leaks and that's not a good thing. and yet i think about publishing this even if only 20 others read it. (2006)
Busy Melon (2008)

Suspenders (1996)
While Busy Melon is a sort of traditional abstract expressionist piece, Suspenders is one of the first true digital pieces I did. I created the texture (the art covering the spheres) in Photoshop and then imported it into Bryce. The spheres are like planets or balls tossed into the air.

Turns out that January 11th is a good day for me. In addition to two works of art, I also made one of my first movie animations. I created this using Director in 1995. The music, Synapse Misfire by Mobius Operandi, was snatched from the web. My apologies.

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