Monday, January 17, 2011

0117 -Words and Art

Unlock Books! (2008)

On this day in 2004 I also worked on a short story based on a dream. Here's the beginning.
Lanexa Kel Doth - The Wander
At the end of a dry, dusty afternoon between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, my mother and I wandered out of the desert and into a press of people flowing slowly through the gates of a walled village. Our food was gone, our water nearly depleted. We were nearing the end of my obligatory 18 month spirit wander. We were looking forward to seeing our family again.
It looked like the usual gathering for a monthly market. We slowly followed the crowd through the gates, thinking of water and cool baths. We said nothing nor did we approach anyone. We slowly and carefully joined the crowd, testing the atmosphere, blending into the masses.
We followed the flow of the crowd—stumbling, gazing and jostled . An old woman approached us. She was firm and energetic but reserved. Her eyes were clear and open. Her hair and clothing covered with a large white cloth—well woven but not coarse. She was impeccably clean. She obviously did no labor. Clearly, this was a holy woman.
“You are strangers here.” She said. Almost a question, but not quite. Her hands fluttered halfway out as if questioning an embrace.
“Yes. We are new here.” My mother responded, levelly with no inflection. Kind approaches in the past had turned to hostility.
“My village is preparing for a festival. I must tell you that the village is sealed off during the festival. The gates have been locked behind you. No one is allowed in or out.”
Shock registered on my face.
“However, we are obliged to make strangers comfortable,” she continued, the beginning of a smile on her face and an apology in her eyes.

Pretty Pattern (2008) tee shirt art
While the 17th is a good day for writing, it's not such a good day for art. At least as far as quantity is concerned.

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