Tuesday, January 18, 2011

0118 - Words and Art

medieval man, questing man on a horse. a horse draped with the traps and coverings of a man on a saddle slowly moving across the landscape. the heavy, brocaded saddle blanket showing his wealth and vanity and personal preference for green. his head is bowed under a wide brimmed hat that drips with cold rain. he is happy. he looks always ahead at what is to come, knowing he will soon be home. And after that another adventure, another task, another commission. he is quite content with his life. under his merchant demeanor is a master swordsman and knife thrower. he is very comfortable with almost any blade. he passes through the village, barely noticed, his passing is normal and often. it is early evening. as he passes the light begins to glint sporadically off of his various appurtenances. he nods to some passersby. they return his greeting. a couple of children - hair blowing and rough, checks reddened and dry - pass by in a hurry to achieve the home fire. the man stops at an inn. as he ties up his horse he nods again to well appointed gentleman and his wife. (2001)

Emotional and Rational (2000)

website background (2001)

My man, Kaeel, a stock figure from Daz (2009)

Current Fads
Listening. It's Not For Me to Say - Johnny Mathis and Ray Bradbury Radio Dramas Collection; dog's barking in the distance
Watching. Remington Steele (Season 3)
Activity. looking for work
Gadget. iPhone 3 GS
News Sources. Google News, BBC News (online), random newspapers left lying about in cafes
Reading. Transforming the Mind - His Holiness the Dalai Lama; The Real Thing - Henry James; The Case Has Altered - Martha Grimes
Writing. nothing - it's a bad world!

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