Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back From the Sun

Had a lovely vacation in sunny Orlando. You will note that the city advertises as sunny Orlando not warm Orlando. It was 57 one day but eventually reached 77 by the end of the week. Today it's back to 57. Apparently it's colder than usual but not less sunny. I feel much less frantic about the arrival of spring now. I've been there and it's lovely.


MKWM said...

Vacation in Florida, he? Some girls have all the luck!!

I hate grey skies. It's so much better when there is sunshine, even if it's cold. I have the sun in my genes so I'm really looking forward to the spring and summer.

Drama Queen said...

I! Want! Sun!

*sits in the corner and sulks. . .AGAIN*

Elaine said...

Yes. Lucky me. If I could bottle the sun, I would have brought some home with me and shared it with both of you.

It was lovely to be in the sun. However, I can't help but think how this little $200 vacation turned into $1000 just like rabbits. Oh, well. I've done it now. I know that the dream is better than the reality. I'll be sticking to tanning beds during the next winter. ... unless I win the lottery, of course.

MKWM said...

It always turns to more expenses... but as you say, you've done it now. After all, "you're worth it!"

I've never tried tanning beds...nor did I ever win the lottery yet!

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