Tuesday, February 08, 2011

0208 - Words and Art

I've missed two days out of the last week and I'm not going back and filling in. In the normal realm of Elaine-ness this spells certain death. But I'm not going there today. Oh. Wait. I just did. Anyway, here's what I did on this day in history.

i noticed yesterday she brought her own lunch or seemed to have her own lunch. after i let her know that i know how the executive dining room works. my suspicion is that she's been feeding herself up there. (2005)

well, this is not really like capturing the first thoughts of the day because those are the ones that get me out of bed. (2009)

i don't want to write. i don't want to think about words or typing. i want to roam around drifting and letting thought pass thorugh my head in one side and out the other. like a sluice. juice. meep. beep. creep. seep. leap. heap. jeep. keep. leep (2010)

On this day in 2000 I either started or finished a sketchbook simile portfolio. I created it in Pagemaker and through the magic of Abode opened it today in InDesign with a mere double click. I had to change a couple of fonts and relink the images (which miraculously are all still here – except for one I didn't bother looking for). Here are a few screen shots.

High School Graduation Announcement

assorted sketches

frames from an animation

GNOLAUM (ETERNAL) spelled backwards; a pen and ink drawing from the 70s

back cover

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