Tuesday, February 15, 2011

0215 - Daily Retrospective

unless your ellen degneres. and is she generous? or de generous? ha ha. like a miser. ellen miser. perhaps she changed it from shithouse. well there it is .the joke of the morning. and there's an interesting idea. a period to start a sentence .like this .instead of to end it .that's an interesting concept . it isn't over until the next thing starts . like endings encompas the start of the new begining .and i think that may be where it all goes (2008)
marble tile (2010)

Marbles (1997)

mountain screen for Second Life (2009)
The marble tile was made by following some tutorial, I believe. Feel free to snag it if you need a seamless background somewhere.

Marbles was made to illustrate my rant in shift/ALT (my online zine/blog) about how many marbles can fit in a jar. I was still experimenting with Bryce and hadn't figured out how to get rid of the default horizon glare.

The mountain screen was made for my blocked-in plot in Second Life, so I wouldn't have to look at neon blue revolving ad signs. Fortunately I was able to find a reasonably priced water plot last year. Living underwater solves a lot of neighborhood problems. Too bad I can't do that in first life.
Current Fads
Listening. Journey to a Rainbow - Chuck Mangione and We Just Disagree - Dave Mason; whirring space heater
Watching. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009); the sun rise
Activity. attempting to sleep all night
Gadget. none. anti gadget at the mo
News Source. the news feeds in Safari
Reading. Transitions - William Bridges; Switch - Chip Heath and Dan Heath; Mind Set! - John Naisbitt; Powers of the Weak - Elizabeth Janeway; U is for Undertow - Sue Grafton
Writing. what?

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