Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorted, once and for all: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw is the house I chose once upon a time. That time was after I was sorted the first time into the original Harry Potter site; yes, the one built by a 13-year-old girl. Then I was sorted into Slytherin simply because I chose a snake for a pet. I chose the snake because it was different. So, I probably should have been sorted into Ravenclaw. No one asks you your motives!

After reading the descriptions of the houses in the book, I figured Ravenclaw was me.

At the Pottermore site, sorting is more complex and based on answers to more than one question. Possibly two. Because I was sorted into Ravenclaw (as far as I can determine) for choosing to study ghosts and preferring to gain a lot of wisdom (over, say, being loved a lot). I'm still wondering what difference choosing the white or black chess piece makes.

After reading JK's new description of (and welcome to) Ravenclaws, I'm very certain that is where I belong. Parts of it are similar to the way members of Mensa see themselves. So, I am doubly at home.

I tried to brew a potion. It's quite difficult. I haven't even got to the "real" potions yet, as I am still trying to learn the training potion. I haven't figured out how to wave my wand.

And I have a lovely wand. It's very flexible, made of Acacia, and has a Phoenix feather core. Being selected by a wand is another nice sorting process. Although you don't get video from JK like you do before the sorting hat.

Overall, the site is really lovely, filled with beautiful all new art, because, well, WB owns the other art. The navigation takes some getting used to. Took me a couple of scenes to realize I should double click to zoom in. And wave the cursor around to make things highlighted so I could collect them.

Returning to locations is really funky. There is a nice sort of path thing. Yet even with that it took me three visits to figure out how to leave Diagon Alley.

Wish me luck in potions! The interface is proving to be one of those oddball things that is obvious to everyone but me. Guess I'll have to ask the other members of my house how it works and risk being ridiculed for not being smart enough!

BTW: Yes, I am WingWave15886. Feel free to friend me! I didn't choose the name. Not really. I  was presented with four choices of randomly generated screen names (for my own protection) and chose the least odious. Well, maybe not odious exactly, merely closest to what I might have made up. And that's my pet frog as a profile photo. I am so protected I feel positively impervious.

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