Thursday, March 07, 2013

I signed up for 3 Coursera Classes

Know Thyself (already in progress) because it offers a wide-ranging view of what a self can be.
... viewpoints of philosophy, psychoanalysis, experimental psychology, neuroscience, aesthetics, and Buddhism.
Writing II: Rhetorical Composing because it's a "II" and I'm impatient with long introductions and I missed "I." I also like the attention to "rhetorical", a word I've long wanted to have pinned down.
to help you become a more effective consumer and producer of alphabetic, visual and multimodal texts.
It's visual and multimodal that's appealing.

Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society because I'm always willing to learn more about design. Karl T. Ulrich, the instructor, has a wide-ranging view of design and artifacts and he offers a free book to match. After reading the first chapter, I signed up for the class.

Creativity, Innovation and Change because these are my favorite topics. There are three instructors. I'm hoping to get some far-ranging views as well as some practical application in work and life. Wish it started sooner.

All of the classes are free. Registration was the most pain-free account creation ever as was registering for multiple classes. It really is one-click. Good thing I've learned a bit of restraint along the way or I would have signed up for ten classes.

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