Saturday, June 03, 2006

Older Women Screwed

What is the problem with an older woman getting a younger man? I watched "Prime" and "Something's Gotta Give." Sure the women date the younger men and even have a relationship with them but in the end they go back to their age group. What is the problem here? Am I the only one seeing this? It is so so stupid. And I mean that in a bad way. I lived with a man nine years younger than myself for 12 years. It was not a problem. I was very happy. It wasn't forever – most marriages aren't are they? Twelve years is pretty damn good.

In "Prime" the man is judged to be too young to start a family. He was 24. How old do you need to be? 30? In "Something's Gotta Give" the younger man gives way to an older man when he senses the woman still has an attachment to that man. This is so one dimensional. The younger man should have fought for her. Relationships have more than one side. And the younger man was prosperous and handsome and all that. She deserved him.

Again, what is the problem? I once read about a 65-year-old woman having a passionate love affair with a younger man. I know over 65's who've gotten married. What is this locked into twenty-something crap that Hollywood is feeding us?

I'm so tired of younger stuff. Bring on some maturity, some depth, something that I can grab hold of and explore. Sheesh!

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