Friday, August 25, 2006


I read the screenplay for "Almost Famous" and suddenly I have this intense interest in journalism. But not in writing – in finding out what it's like to be a journalist and what isn't reported. I've always had this thing about photos, especially photos of famous places, where you see this image with absolutely no notion about it's context. Like the Eiffel Tower (just a tall building somewhere) or Neuschwanstein castle (the original Cinderella castle). Just buildings. It's almost as if the photographer was grousing about the damn landscape getting in the way. How much can be removed?

In the screenplay the musicians talk about what's not in music. There's a lot of "not" going around. It's not what you say it's the way that you say it. Reading between the lines. That sort of thing. And suddenly I understand on a much deeper level the connotations of social interaction. I see the stuff I never saw before.

On the other hand, no one seems to see what I see and when I describe things I sometimes feel like a bee displaying the infrared patterns on a blossom. I see it, I show it but no one else sees it.

So how much "not" do you show to express what is? Very good question. Think I'll locate and read some first person accounts of journalism.

Or, all you journalists, send me your "not" stories. heh heh

Since we're on the topic of journalists, thanks to Perceval Press for cluing me into the fact that my life style is exactly what it's all about. "Having imagination, bad habits and no money isn't celebrated in our culture anymore: ..." Unfortunately for me I have no bad habits. Got the other stuff down, though. ;-) Thanks also to PP for finding the things that we don't see and should and putting them all together in one spot.

Current Fads
Listening. Party Shuffle (iTunes ... at this moment Dindi sung by Astrud Gilberto); A/C blowing
Watching. Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone (2001)
Activity. making tee shirts
Gadget. One Time
News Source. the news feeds in Safari; Perceval Press
Reading. Danse Macabre - Laurell K. Hamilton; The Wisdom of No Escape - Pema Chodron; The Wounded Woman - Linda Shierse Leonard; Style Weekly; MacWorld; Fortune; Reader's Digest (Yes, I really am reading them all right now—I'm a reading addict. What can I say?)

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