Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Late Bird Report

Movie: X-Men: The Last Stand
Ticket Line: very short
Audience: Gen-X
Capacity: 70%
Balcony: closed (but I got to sit there anyway!)
Organ Recital: Show tunes ("I've Got Music," "Cabaret" ...) and a different finale
Report: All promises and expectations fulfilled! This is the best X-Men movie yet. The action is continuous but not gratuitous. The characters are diverse and their interaction fascinating. I love all the different talents. So inventive. There's something about watching mutants that makes me feel really okay about myself; powerful and self-confident. I think I need a huge Jane Grey and Wolverine poster with Magneto and Dr. Xavier in the background. Most definitely! The ending is satisfying but I'm very sad that so many had to die. Why does everyone die these days! It seems to be the modern plot twist: main characters die. It is very gratifying, though, to see good win out over evil. And it's nice that I wasn't so affected that I cried even if I do feel bad for Wolverine and sad about Dr. X.
Analogy: snake dance (mesmerizing)
Will I buy the DVD? On my wishlist
Will I watch it again if it bites me? YES! I may even seek it out.

Visit and support The Byrd Theatre. No commercials. No previews. My friends and I got a tour behind the scenes and saw the original projector which is still in use, although not for showing movies. In fact, all of the original 1928 electronics are still in place and work. Wow! There were also three other modern projectors, including a new digital one that looks like a fat, gray box. Thanks, Nancy and Gary!

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