Thursday, August 03, 2006

Look what I learned yesterday!

Thanks to a great on-demand seminar from Adobe, in two hours I completed the flash animation (title link above) from scratch. Yes. From scratch. We're talking blank sheet of paper folks (virtually, of course). I had no idea Illustrator could do such fancy stuff so quickly. I tried to make a cubed hexagon instead of a cubed square but the hex part got skewed in the process. Oh, well. It still looks pretty. And definitely good enough for my refrigerator.

Current Fads
Listening. Carbon Leaf Echo Echo; fans
Watching. Prevention: Dance It Off (2005)
Activity. pushing through to vacation
Gadget. Palm Zire
News Source. the news feeds in Safari
Reading. The Traveler - John Twelve Hawks; The Wisdom of No Escape - Pema Chondron; On Writing Well - William Zinsser; GD USA; MacWorld; Fortune (Yes, I really am reading them all right now—I'm a reading addict. What can I say?)

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