Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Late Bird Report: Superman Returns

Ticket Line: none
Audience: people
Capacity: 50%
Balcony: closed
Organ Recital: None. It's Tuesday.
Report: It's a heartbreaker. Basically, a chic flick. It does more than warm the cockles of your heart, it melts them. I saw one of the ushers getting a hit of the feelings as the audience left the theater. She was smiling. It's that kind of show. I did talk to one person who saw it for the second time. Superman will never die. What we see is one way to start an undying myth. From the mind of a man into the hearts of the masses. I certainly hope the curse has been lifted.
Analogy: myth
Will I buy the DVD? Only if you watch it with me
Will I watch it again if it bites me? Only if you watch it with me

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