Friday, March 02, 2007

3 Happy Things (catch up post)

Last Friday started off as an ordinary day, albeit a Friday. But then I found 3 happy things.

The first happy thing was finding that Google has fun, easy and useful tools that are sort of like Dashboard on the Mac. The best is Reader. Back in the day when everyone was all hepped up about news aggregators I got bored. I don't need more "who killed who recently" stuff in my head, thank you. But when you tell me I can now put all the interesting stuff I like to keep up with into one place and not have to search it out anymore and it will automatically show up. Well, that's a whole other ball game. Not only that, but if I think of some topic or event I'd like to track, I can type it into a search field and a list of very likely players shows up. Then it's just a click to add it to my reading list. Woo hoo!

The second happy thing was finding Nestea Diet Peach Flavored Green Tea. In my perennial search for liquids that taste good but aren't boring I've tried a lot of "interesting" fluids. Nestea's Green Tea is actually good and doesn't have a surfeit of mysterious ingredients so I can feel pretty good about drinking it. To celebrate I looked up the Nestea site. It's refreshing, lovely and gratifying to find a site that not only works but is everything a site should be. Do you like tea? Here are recipes with tea (including one I intend to try out soon), downloads, an easy-to-navigate listing of products and a way to tell friends without launching an email package.

Which brought me to my third happy thing. While making a Nestea download my desktop art, I discovered that all those nifty colors that I personally mix trying to get my desktop color just right can be saved so I can use them again! This is great news for anyone like me who's favorite color can change daily (albeit from a limited palette). See those little blank squares under the color sliders? You drag the color you've made in the big rectangle to one of the tiny squares and the color is saved so you can use it again. I love Apple!

Gosh. I should have run right out and got a lottery ticket. Maybe today.

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