Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mistake: Pan's Labyrinth

Never see this movie. Never! Never! Never! Someone told me (I can't rember who now, but if I did I would call him up and yell at him) that this was a good movie for me to see. Obviously someone who wasn't my friend and knows absolutely nothing about me. It's a brutal and disgusting show. There was a part where I had to close my eyes. Yuk! Who wants to see blood, guts and an extremely sick man doing unwatchable things? On top of it all there's a child who gets shot. Good to know so that you won't be hurt like I was. Idiot! This has to be the suckiest movie ever made. And it's all in subtitles!! Well, I've learned never to take what's-his-names suggestions ... if I can just remember who it was.


Drama Queen said...

Well I will take on board your advice. I don't like watching inappropriate violence for pleasure.

Elaine said...

Okay. It's also just plain cruel. All done in the name of fantasy. Ugh!

And since it's just you and me, I hope you get that diamond and celebrate appropriately without the red coat. Take care.

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