Thursday, August 02, 2007

Permanent Shoes

Here's a new concept in shoery: one inny many outies. They are called skins. My favorite is Hailey (the last women's shoe in the slide show) althought Aimee is nice, too. Unfortunately someone thought that women would like all their shoes in black. Who did that market research? The shoes all come in other colors, of course, but they all come in black! Funerals, anyone?

Aside from that, it is an interesting concept and just might work. Imagine never having to break in another pair of shoes and always knowing your size. I like the notion of being able to order online and know that when they get here my shoes will fit and be comfortable right away. The trick will be in getting the right "bone", or inner structure of the shoe. I'm sure that will involve a custom fit. Fortunately Richmond is one the map. Yay Richmond!

You can find out more at the link above and here where you can also order your bone (if you feel like taking the risk).

Something Completely Different
Thanks to my daughter, Kathleen, for leaving her old computer here and the nice 17" LCD display. My display is dying so I'm using hers. For an "old" display it's pretty good and much better my 1998 model. And thanks to Apple for making the G4 compatible with any old display I jam on it. That's real plug and play. Not that fake stuff whosname is pandering.


Drama Queen said...

great idea but never gonna work with heels though is it?

Elaine said...

Leave it to you to think of that! I never wear heels. They're so uncomfortable.

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