Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Amazing Googly Ball and other toys

Today I spent just over $3.99 (on sale!) for a Googly ball. It's a lot of fun. It warms up to body temperature and is about the size of a toy dog – lap dog without the dog! You can blow it up and googly doesn't mind. Happy little googly! I'm so attached to it already. I'm thinking of naming it Googly Bear (Mike Wazowski!). Such a lovely tactile experience. Very soothing for nervous fingers. It comes in other glowing colors but I decided to go all out and get the most obnoxious color there.

Other Toys
At the beginning of the summer I found this solar pool ball in some cheap store. I keep it on the deck in a notch of the stairs. It's comforting to have it out there. Sort of reminds me of Daisy's pier in The Great Gatsby. Not that I'm Daisy or have a pier or even that anyone except maybe the guy who lives across the alleyway can see it. Oh! And that atrocious dog-hating fellow next door. Anyway – I enjoy glancing outside and seeing it glowing. I'm wondering how long it will last and how it will look in the snow.

I've been confettied! It jumped into the keyboard but I'm pretty sure I got it all out. I even accidentally ate some when it got into my lunch. And my home smells like a head shop thanks to stanky KISS incense. Then there's the nice hogmother and child postcard and almost totally useless back issues of Fortune magazine. When my daughter changed her address, Fortune were the only people who thought she meant me and she hasn't lived with me for nearly two years! It took a month for us to figure out that my magazines were going to her. She was not amused when I inquired into the details of how she filled in the form. Mea culpa. I am a wretched Mom after all. It's my job. So, here's the care package from Kathleen with all the goods.

Moms just wanna have fuh-un!

NOTE POSTED 12-4-08: My Amazing Googly Ball died this summer as a result of two energetic boys and a dog. Thankfully, I wasn't there when it happened.

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