Saturday, September 22, 2007

before Eastern Promises

Most of you know I am a fan of Viggo Mortensen, although not an adoring fan. I am not the adoring type. I do plan to see the latest release he stars in. I've watched teasers and previews, it's not Potter after all.

Viggo looks ridiculous. There's one scene in which his hair stands nearly as high as his face is long. He looks like a buffoon and seems to be acting like one especially when seen next to his co-star Naomi Watts. I noticed Cronenberg took pains to not have them in the same shot except for one (in the previews anyway - I haven't seen the movie, of course) in which he hands Naomi a scrap of paper. Then he looks like he really knows what he's doing (and the big head is gone - I really had to stop myself from bursting out in laughter in that scene). So, that whole buffoon thing could just be a plot point. I hope.

I've read some reviews. One person went so far as to mention the "A" word but I don't think the Academy likes to be told what to do or even to be given hints. Variety seems to like the show but then I haven't read the entire review because, actually, I don't want to know the details before I go. Most of the reviews are just this side of favorable. Some have even labeled him a good actor with classic depth.

I'm trying to work in the movie around my "spa" day. I've had the massage and there will be a manicure after lunch. Later, a hair trim. In the evening I'll probably do the usual and visit The Byrd Theatre for a last run show. So, if I can work in death and destruction and naked fighting before light comedy, that could work.

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