Friday, August 15, 2008

Better Mondays

I'm all for better Mondays. Having a good Monday is a process of balancing between a totally amazing weekend and one that's just good enough to relieve the stress of the daily grind. If the weekend is too fantastic I never want to go back to work. Shopping helps. Although I hate shopping, when I do need to make some major or critical purchase over the weekend I'm glad to go back to work on Monday to earn more money. So, that's a good way to take an overly happy weekend down a notch. Having a crappy weekend makes for a wretched Monday because I haven't really had my weekend and here it is Monday again.

Jobfox has a blog titled "Better Mondays" which is about getting and keeping a good job. Jobfox is to job hunting what is to dating. According to Jobfox the process is pretty much the same, you take some tests, you fill in some forms, you get matched up with ideal employers. It could work, I guess. Better than picking up an employer at a bar.

Jobfox claims that there are recession proof jobs. All of the jobs on the list are boring. None of them are arts jobs, although some of them are creative (programming, mechanical engineer). Being a musician, for example, is pretty recession proof. Somehow I have a feeling they missed something.
Current Fads
Listening. Any Day Now - Joan Baez and Good Medicine -Pema Chodron; ice cream truck music
Watching. Hair (1979)
Activity. figuring it all out
Gadget. none
News Source. the news feeds in Safari
Reading. The Schwarzbein Principle: The Program - Diana Schwarzbein; The Marshall Plan for Getting Your Novel Published - Evan Marshall; Celtic Magic - D. J. Conway; An Ocean Apart - Robin Pilcher (Yes, I really am reading them all right now—I'm a reading addict. What can I say?)

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