Sunday, August 03, 2008

Shopping for a Waterfall

Why buy a fountain when you can own a waterfall? In Second Life (SL), where you can do and own almost anything, shopping happens on a whole new scale. I rent a little plot which I have decorated with trees, shrubs, torches and a big bowl of lava. Floating upright in the lava are four lit candles. The bowl sits in the middle of circle of a megalithic stones, sort of like Stonehenge. Hey, why not? I do have a fountain and decided the plot would be more "natural" if I had a nice stream or waterfall.

I did find a nice selection at reasonable prices, one included a cave with meditation cushions. I kept looking until I discovered a section of waterfall parts. When saw the parts, I remembered the free SL library full of rocks, stones, water, and scripts. While I much prefer others to make things for me, I decided to make a waterfall, just to make sure it's what I really want. My waterfall is more like a fountain, but I made it myself (except for the decorative Spring Woman plaque) without a lot of heavy lifting and I like it. It'll do for now.

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