Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the myth of age

Everybody, I mean everybody (except the AARP) is after the below 30 crowd. I understand you have to include them. After all they have to learn how to lead and to be involved and engaged. On the other hand, I'm not planning on retiring and if I were to retire it wouldn't be to sit in a rocking chair or play shuffle board. Let's understand here that I have the health once associated with a 40-year-old and I'm way passed that mark. Heck, if I exercised more I could stay at that mark for a very long time indeed. People living to 65 have about another 20 years to go and mostly in pretty good health. I'm beginning to get worried that maybe the protesting sit-in, be-in, love-in generation may take that up again. After all, we have less to lose now. We can risk it. You young people watch out!

And that went totally somewhere else than I thought it would. What I mean is, boomers still have a lot going on and they have the resources to do it. It's silly to try to place old paradigms on us. I am not some white-haired, grandchild-focused, retired lay about. And don't think anyone from my generation is. So, why are we treated that way? I'm still looking forward and planning my next life. And a great life it will be, too.

You know, here I am with all this experience, really good experience and the finely honed ability to work and some social leaders are ready to put me on the back burner. It's a criminal waste of resources.

Okay. I'm off the box now.

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