Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Path 101 Test - What industry matches your personality?

what all the mess below is supposed to look likeI like this test. I like seeing what doesn't match, actually. My "love of thinking" is a sore thumb in the process. Apparently it doesn't fit with my other traits in the top four suggested industry matches. But that's ok. I'm used to that. In another test I'm Artistic/Investigative and they don't match either. Sometimes my rationally pragmatic side takes over and that throws any test for a loop.

I've often wondered why I can't hang with Artists all the time (not neurotic enough) or why I didn't end up in Theatre (not agreeable enough). I like photography and I suppose if I pursued it I would find a way to add the thinking piece, maybe by writing about it or changing the thrust of my photos by doing thinking pieces. Come to think of it, the artwork I make is sort of thinking pieces. So, there you are!

My Path 101 Personality Quiz Traits

Highest Scoring Traits



Love of Thinking

Lowest Scoring Traits




Like-minded people work in:
Photography  Graphic Design and Illustration  Web Design  Publishing  Environmental Studies and Protection  

See Elaine's full assessment and get your own.

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