Thursday, November 05, 2009

The quest for a late breakfast

Waking late I looked out for a place to have a quick, cheap breakfast. Fast food restaurants came to mind. Trying to find out how late they serve breakfast, I browsed McDonalds, Burger King and Arbys in my quest to find out where the closest one is and how long they serve breakfast.

McDonalds has the worse site ever. Sure, you can easily find the menu and nutritional information but try to find a location near you or find out how late they serve breakfast. The site is clunky and slow loading (especially for a person on an empty stomach). I never did find a page in the site that listed the breakfast serving times. Even on the individual pages for locations, nothing was mentioned about breakfast times. I called four restaurants before one answered and learned from a surly employee that at 10:45 am breakfast was over.

Burger King has a beautiful site. It loads quickly, is easy to navigate which went a long way to distracting me from my hunger. Unfortunately, this site also refuses to tell you what hours they serve breakfast. I had lost patience by this time so I didn't bother calling any restaurants.

Next up: Arby's. The Arbys site focused on international flair (hey, we're global!!) by presenting me with four planetary zones to choose from. After choosing North American, I then chose USA. Keep in mind I'm starving for breakfast. They serve food, right? I did find a nice list of locations but, again, no listing for the breakfast hours. Stuck in my head is a sign outside Arby's saying "Breakfast All Day." Next to one of the six closest-to-me locations was a little "Breakfast" icon. I telephoned that location to learn (from a lovely responsive employee) that breakfast was over and lunch was coming up.

A quick Google for "breakfast anytime Richmond VA" turned up Liberty Valance, just "down the street" from me. I telephoned, was answered promptly that breakfast was available until 2 p.m. Liberty Valance did not meet the fast food cheap requirement but I was starving and they do make luscious fresh huge biscuits. My breakfast was heavenly - veggie omelet, bacon, sausage patty, coffee and biscuits. They also serve real butter! And I had enough leftover for breakfast tomorrow. Still not under the fast food price barrier (you have to tip, after all) but well worth having a breakfast cooked to order.

Problem solved! For me anyway. And fast food people - put some breakfast hours on your site and remember, when a person is hungry they're not interested in games or viewing corporate info. Best hide that and let us find what we really need!
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