Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrong and Supposed to Be

It's all wrong. And what is "it"? The system in general. Here's "the way it's supposed to be."

1. Mortgage companies should be responsible for employment. Sure, the government gains a lot when voters are employed but it's the mortgage companies that really suffer. 98% of my mortgage payment goes to interest. I'm renting from the bank. They actually own my home and let me stay here and take care of it while paying them. So, it should really be up to them to get me back in a job. If I don't work all they've got to show is an empty house that, right now, isn't worth as much as it would be if I had a job and paid the mortgage.

2. Doctors should run dating companies. My health in all dimensions (physically, mentally, emotionally) improves drastically when I'm in love. Apparently there have been some statistics to back this up with studies showing married men live longer and are healthier than their single counterparts. Of course, it could just be that some men prefer to party themselves into an early grave. All the same, love works for me. Other studies show that people who are happy can eat what they want and not gain weight. As Pamela says in the movie Avanti!, "I'm not unhappy because I'm overweight, I'm overweight because I'm unhappy." Not to mention the physiological aspects of the hypothalamus (the center of the emotions) which is tied into all the vital bodily functions.

3. Businesses owners should sweep the streets and run counseling centers. Especially the streets in my neighborhood where the cars parked in front of homes testify to the idiocy of having a policy of raising prices regularly no matter what. In this shrinking economy old notions of marketing developed during the tech and mortgage bubbles need to be swept away. People are hanging onto their jobs by the skin of their teeth. They aren't getting raises. They're lucky to have jobs. Raising prices works in an expanding economy like a carrot in front of a rabbit. In a shrinking economy that's demoralizing. Also, those looking for work need to know what sort of worker you need. They don't need to read a page about how aggressive and forward looking your company is and how exciting and wonderful and what great benefits you offer. That's 90's speak and makes the same sort of stink hot air always does. Cars parked in front of homes are people not going out because they can't afford to. People aren't spending. Raising prices means they'll spend less. And maybe businesses should be philosophers, too, and learn something about logic.

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