Friday, January 14, 2011

0114 - Words and Art

looked over my critique briefly. they always say you have great potential just do a little work. well, it's nice to have potential. wish I did more than that. (2010)
The Chibbadee (2003)
2003 was my year for Jimmy Durante fascination. I tried to track down a song I remember from his TV show called "You Gotta Have Heart" and never did find a recording of him singing that song. However, I found two CDs of recordings of his other stuff. And I learned a lot about his life and work. He lived up to the saying on that plate I got from Mom: Das sind die Starken im Lande, die unter Tränen lachen, ihr eigenes leid verbergen und and're fröhlich machen. That plate hung on the kitchen wall during my high school years. It now hangs in my kitchen.

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