Saturday, February 05, 2011

0205 - Words and Art

please don't tell me my lot in life is to learn to love everyone but be alone for the rest of my life. that's like telling me i can only have near beer forever. that would be bad. (2009)
get a little crazy (2003)
startup screen for PowerMac (1998) made by my son as a surprise

Current Fads
Listening. Healing Sounds (Sounds True) Ciara, Luka Bloom
Watching. It's a Guy Thing (2008); On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970)
Activity. exploring the jungle
Gadget. a family of space heaters
News Source. the news feeds in Safari
Reading. The American - Henry James; The Pathbreaker Agent - Elaine Greywalker; On the Threshold of Transformation - Richard Rohr et al
Writing. The Pathbreaker Agent

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