Sunday, February 20, 2011

My 365 Project - Retrospective Dailies

The thing is, there isn't anything I like repeating on a daily basis. I don't mind repeating certain tasks, but hardly ever in a planned, regular repetitious way. Which is why this project is such a challenge. Generally the gaps get larger and larger until I quit (or give up). I might continue posting sporadically on days I feel like posting. I don't want to say this project has ended, even though (obviously) it has.

I have gained from this practice, as I mentioned previously. I'm sure if I were to continue religiously there would be more benefits. That's just not enough incentive.

When we can commit to our priorities, take responsibility for our choices, and communicate them honestly to others, there will be no need to make excuses, and we will have much more energy to dedicate to all the things we love. Daily OM 
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