Monday, March 21, 2011

0321 - Retrospective: Sky

Spring Moon (3/21/09)
This might be a better post for "The Unplanned Eye" but it's really part of my daily retrospective. Although the project seems dead, it's still having an effect on my creativity.

In addition to the immediate benefits of my failed "365 Make Something" project, I've been experiencing a strange revival in my art marketing. I suddenly found myself renting a wall at Art Works and hanging my art (Wall "N", beside the exit/entrance to the cafe). Another spur-of-the-moment thing was submitting work to the monthly juried All Media Show. I happened to have a spare frame and a couple of works that just needed printing. And I'm making a Facebook artist page.

Today I'm working in Bryce, realizing that posting a sky a day would be possible. Especially if I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Generating a random sky would be acceptable because it would be all about choice – choosing the best sky of the day. I suppose I could also post a photo. Especially in the spring there are some great sunrise skies. In the winter it's sunset skies. So, something to think about.

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