Monday, May 16, 2011

365: Sky 56 - Forest Hill Park

Sudden urge to know more about taking good sky pictures took me to the bookstore to look at photography books. This is a typical good sky with overexposed surroundings. The sky is the main part of the photo, of course, but would like to get the green also. 

Took other photos that have a blown-out sky. Need to read the fabulous camera manual and discover what is in there to help avoid white sky. I could not fix it in Photoshop. There wasn't enough information to build/edit from. 

Also, a little scary to become the person who carries around a camera. I feel obnoxious and elitist. But it's just a camera. Not too terribly fancy. And I'm fairly discreet or at least nonchalant. 

About two hours after this was taken there was a rain storm.

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