Monday, November 12, 2012

About Those Flowers ...

I might be done. And done with the whole Make Something 365 thing. I did make a lot of things for a lot of days, including the years I did the daily Morning Pages which were quite liberating and which I recommend for everyone, whether you believe you're an artist/creative/writer or not. In fact, creating something unique and expressive that responds only to your rules is the best thing a person can do every day.

That and meditate. Or at least have some kind of spiritual practice.

Which makes it difficult to admit that I have done neither for two days now. I'm just sort of hanging out, writing a novel, watching shows and movies, and crocheting and knitting. The whole crocheting/knitting thing is sort of like making something everyday. And then when I'm done I'll have a thing: a scarf, a hoodie, a shawl, a pair of leg warmers. Kinda cool.

Dried gourds, photographed and enhanced.
Just thought you ought to know.

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