Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Assignment in Eternity audiobook

I am going apeshit over Bronson Pinchot's narration expertise. Because, yes, I have been under a rock. What an amazing voice and what excellent characterizations! I particularly enjoyed the humorous New York/Jewish accents in Jerry Was a Man. Another example of how excellent narration elucidates a story.

What the library tells us (with no mention of Bronson Pinchot being an award-winning narrator). Assignment in Eternity: Robert A Heinlein is widely and justly regarded as the greatest practitioner of the art of science fiction who has ever lived.  Here are two of his greatest short novels: Gulf, in which the greatest superspy of them all is revealed as the leader of a league of supermen and women who can't quite decide what to do with the rest of us. Lost Legacy, in which it is proved that we are all members of that league—or would be, if we but had eyes to see.

All you need is Overdrive Media Console (for desktop and phone) and a library account. I hope your library has this and many other Pinchot narrations.

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