Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Horsey Clunk

Camilla is setting her own style. She has to, doesn't she? The big hats help but when is she going to get her teeth fixed? I'm all for casual day and that but does she have to look like she just came in out of the rain and threw something together? She can't be a Diana but there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking her best. There must be someone in the UK qualified to give her a good do and a decent smile. She's like Phyllis Diller with a hat on (no offense, Phyllis). And she's always got this look like she's been deep in a cave for three weeks and was just allowed out into the light. Buck up, Camilla! You're happily famous! Enjoy it! It's the least you can do for those of us consigned to quiet lives of unhorsey desperation.

I am really very happy that Charles, at last, has been allowed to marry the love of his life. It's just that everytime I look at a photo of the two of them I'm so struck by how She looks more like Him than He does.

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