Sunday, February 19, 2006

not alone in the sunlight

Like millions of boomers, I am trying to click into the vault of my memories and have to keep clicking "Reload" until I get in. Was it that the CBS News Sunday Morning show featured Wolfgang's Vault or just that I am part of a really huge cohort? I feel like a kid calling in to a radio station to request a song. It's busy and I just keep dialing. Hah! Dialing! Who does that anymore? The live radio is the only place I didn't have to reclick into. I'm listening to that now.

MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT: The site is not Mac-friendly. The screensavers are PC only and the radio only shows you who's playing now if you have PC. I just get "Loading...".

BTW: CBS you need a search box! I had a really hard time finding the Sunday Morning show on your site and daytime is not just about soaps you know! Oh. Sorry. Sunday is not daytime. It's weekend. ARgggghhHHH!

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