Wednesday, December 27, 2006

breaking out with movies

Wow. I'm ready to order up that radical hair cut. All because of a movie.

I went to what to rent and decided to put a little excitement into my head. The first selections they offered me were too tame (and I had seen one of them) so I went back to the mood meter, reselected "a lot different from my normal taste" and then slid the bar farther away from "... won't impact you deeply" and about one third of the way to "... the movie may be incredibly depressing." What I got was The Rock. I agreed to watch it and was it ever exciting. This reminds me of the time I learned how to ride coasters. I started with the Scooby Doo coaster and graduated (slowly) to the most scary ride in the park, in front with my hands up. I'm thinking if I keep this up I'll be able to watch movies that are "totally opposite of my normal taste" and "challenging film festival ... incredibly depressing."

Wait. Does this mean that the point is to do that? Am I the only one who sees it as a challenge to select the far end of the scale? To boldly go into the land of opposites?

Interesting is that this movie is the type my last ex loved to watch. So, perhaps it might be a good pre-marital test to select movies based on the what-to-rent algorithm. Find out something about your intended and yourself. You may think renting a movie is not a good indicator, but wait until you've been together 14 years and it's winter and you're broke and you've got nothing to do. It's a little different then isn't it?

What to rent claims they know what they're doing with the LaBarrie theory. But I think they're only finding out what sorts of moods and personalities they can accurately prescribe for. Of the 11 movies they've recommended for me so far, I've watched three. I liked two and hated one. Not bad for the three I've watched so far and they claim they get better with feedback. Yeah. Time will tell.

Whoa! Next thing you know I'm reading up about algorithms!

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