Wednesday, December 06, 2006

like me but different

Yahoo! AvatarsWell, it's that time again. Time to update the Yahoo! Avatar. It's like playing dollies. But in an adult way.

Why am I playing dollies? Because I went into my online account to find out why Verizon can't restore my phone line until Tuesday. Yes, that's right. My phone line is on the ground and they can't put it back for 6, count them, 6 days. Why? Because they can. I didn't think that was soon enough because I get about 200 emails a day and I use the phone line (aka high speed Internet access) to get it. So that would be about 1200 emails waiting for me on Tuesday. Not acceptable. I told the real person at Verizon this and she didn't seem to think it was important. After I told her I saw the line from the pole to my house down on the ground and neatly coiled next to the pole, she wanted to know if I had a dial tone! Where do they find these people?

Last night (before I knew the line was down) I called and reported it as a high speed access problem. Today, when checking up on the status, I was told I could call back and talk to someone directly by dialing 80456767891112. I asked if the last four digits were menu options. The guy at Verizon Online said "What?" I said there are too many numbers. He repeated the phone number. I said there are too many numbers. He said, "How many numbers would you like?" I then informed him that phone numbers were usually seven numbers, not eleven. He was unfazed. I guess it was my mistake. uh huh

By the way, I'm not at work.
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