Thursday, December 07, 2006

single for the holidays

Who says it's bad? When you're single the holiday's just need a little extra planning. Single people don't need the "relax, organize, say no" sort of advice non-singles need. Which is why's happen article is excellent (link above).

I've been meaning for some time to write a tiny treatise on Free Entertainment for Singletons, but I've only got as far as eating alone. Yes. Eating alone. Take along a book or grab a copy of the free newspaper in the cafe. Then sit down next to a table where a conversation is already in progress. Be sure to occasionally flip the pages of whatever you're reading and don't laugh at the jokes you overhear!

Best Entertainment (in decreasing order):
  1. Four or more 30-something women (pick up dating tips, who's doing who, etc.)
  2. Three or more 25-35 year-old-men (lawyers talk their heads off!)
  3. Groups of mixed ages containing both sexes (hear great office gossip and best restaurant reviews)

Worst Entertainment Potential
  1. Two businessmen without jackets (serious stuff happening there - they will eye you with great suspicion)
  2. Two middle-aged women (ditto)
  3. A couple sitting across from each other and leaning forward as they eat (argghh! If only! no amount of page turning will convince them you're not listening)

So, there you have it. Go out. Get free entertainment! And start asking about New Year's Eve parties now!

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