Saturday, June 30, 2007

I won! I'm done!

Oh YIPPIE-TIE-ONE-ON! I'm done with the crazy script. It won't play anywhere but in my head, most likely. I had to invent all sorts of rediculous stuff to finish it. But now I know I can write a script. Next time I will have a plan or an outline or a least a plot before I start. Wow! Now I can work on that script I've been thinking about for years. I have the confidence to do it. I really love this feeling of being done. I feel great!


Drama Queen said...

Wohoooooo!!! And do we get to see *it*?

Elaine said...

Only if: 1) I edit it into something that has a real plot 2) someone reads it 3) it is passed on to someone who can buy it 4) it is bought (optioned) 5) it is "green lighted" (actually goes into production 6) finishes production 7) is considered worthy of distribution.

I'm not holding my breath. I have learned that I can write a screenplay and it's given me the whatever to pursue writing a "real" screenplay. Also, I am noticing how much I daydream movie dialogue. Actually have started developing a new script idea with a real plot. All I need is a premise. ha ha

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