Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've been sorted

Actually, I did my own sorting. Back in the day when that cute little 13-year-old girl sold her Harry Potter fan site for $1million, I was sorted into Slytherin simply because I chose a snake as a pet. At that point I hadn't even read the books. After finishing the seventh book and reading the devilishly clever riddles a student needs to answer to gain access to the Ravenclaw common room, I decided I was in Ravenclaw. Good riddles = definitely cool. Now, I can prove it officially. Of course, I may have skewed the test, but then the other answers weren't for me anyway.

Sort me!

Here's my question. Why does all the official Warner Bros. Ravenclaw paraphernalia come up as silver and navy blue? Apparently the colors are bronze and blue, but I haven't seen any mention of the blue being navy blue. And where did the silver come from? Bronze is made by adding tin to copper. Could this be it? I will probably get around to rereading book one some day just to get straight on which shade of blue is the Ravenclaw blue.

Why do I care? I'd like an authentic Ravenclaw scarf. Lacking access to Diagon Alley, I'll be making my own.

Is it just me or is there really a general lacking of interest in all things HP since the seventh book came out?

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