Friday, July 16, 2010

my blue heaven-in-progress

I have discovered underwater (virtual) living. My little plot in Second Life is water property, which means, that in the normal scope of things when left untended and reverted to its default condition, it is normally underwater. Of course this has no effect on my AV which flies at altitudes of 4,000 meters as well as walking under and on water.

Periodically I have a complete property makeover removing all the objects and rebuilding. I've had beach houses, fields of flowers, a huge temple, and a cozy wilderness hideout.

I was happy to find a ton of editable underwater plants and animals in the SL free library. I've rezzed a bunch of seaweed, jellyfish, a shark, a squid, and a manta ray. My build is beginning to develop a theme.
I like glow. I've been into glow for nearly a year now (which is a lifetime in SL). So my stuff is glowing. I'm searching for comfy underwater cushions for more than one person. So far all I can find is mermaid shells and clams. Right.

Anyway, as noted it doesn't really matter that I am underwater. My wind chimes work just fine here as does the fairy acorn light. If worse comes to worst I can always plant a couple of couches or slap down one of my single prim homemades.

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