Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Little Luxuries List

Last night I was talking to a friend about little luxuries and how I have to have them no matter how desperate my financial situation. Without them I go mad and then my financial situation becomes even worse. Sometimes it's better to just eat the ice cream, you know? So, here's the list I made this morning. A few of the items on the list are big ticket items. Remember that a quality item used over time amortizes to a little daily luxury. Yes, I will pay more to have a less troubling daily round. It's worth it.

Elaine's Little Luxuries
1. Lunch at a nice restaurant, preferably asian.
2. Watching a first run movie, preferably in 3-D.
3. Getting a manicure or pedicure or both.
4. Having someone else pour me a glass of wine.
5. Wasting time.
6. A phone call on my iPhone.
7. Using my iMac.
8. Two sturdy, non-leaching, recyclable, clear reusable water bottles - a green one for the car, a pink one for at home.
9. A big bottle of mineral water - Perrier or Pelegrino usually.
10. Fancy flip flops.
11. Good incense.
12. My engraved iPod Shuffle (2nd Gen).
13. A cup of excellent coffee (currently: Blanchards from their roastery).
14. A bouquet of fresh flowers.
15. My recyclable, sustainable, fair trade net shopping bags.
16. A good pair of glasses.
17. A good pair of walking shoes.
18. Getting a massage.
19. A very long walk in the woods with the dog on a cool sunny morning.
20. My Second Life.
21. The next book in the series bought new in person at the bookstore.
22. Downloading tunes from the Apple iTunes music store.
23. Reading expensive magazines I don't buy at the bookstore while drinking a warm drink.
24. Ocean swimming.
25. Body surfing.
26. Brain baking.
27. Planning an air vacation.
28. Take away from China's Best.
29. Visiting Mom at her condo on the beach.
30. Sleeping outside.
31. Getting a new silly toy (i.e., Googly Ball, Felix the Cat figurine, soft silly tiny monkey).
32. Being silly.
33. Dressing silly.
34. Discussing cosmic issues as if I know what I'm talking about.
35. Writing science fiction fantasy novels that have no ending.
36. Writing poetry.
37. Blogging.
38. A good cup of tea.
39. Watching the moon.
40. Taking a long hot bubble bath on a cold winter's day.
41. Making a huge fire in the fireplace.
42. Serendipitous meet-ups with friends.
43. Making art.
44. Making lists.
45. Burning CDs to listen to while driving around in the car.
46. Ignoring the rules of grammar.
47. Riding when I could walk or walking when I could ride.
48. Not making sense.
49. Kissing.
50. Hugging.
52. Wishing, wether the stars are visible or not.
53. Eating a raw salad at Ellwood Thompsons.
54. Watching my favorite movie, again.
55. Posting my list of little luxuries to my blog.
56. Posting new art to my funky website.
57. Putting cool decals on my iPhone.
58. Using the color pink inappropriately.
59. Playing solitaire electronically.
60. Giving myself a little luxury item at Christmas.
61. Eating a single, excruciatingly high quality dark chocolate bon bon - preferably creamy or nutty.
62. Having back ups for my favorite little luxuries.
63. Setting a silly image as my Facebook profile picture.
64. Stopping whenever I feel like it.

Current Fads
Listening. One Guitar No Vocals, Leo Kottke and OMs (unpublished playlist); a strange vibration
Watching. Always (1989)
Activity. keeping cool
Gadget. iPhone 3GS
News Source. the news feeds in Safari
Reading. Monument - Ian Graham
Writing. rather not say
Song of the Day: When You Wish Upon a Star (Disney theme)

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