Sunday, January 23, 2011

0123 - Words and Art

... my generation and we have other issues now an[d] worse has happened. greater innocence has been lost--like ours. that 's the theme of this generation: loss of innnocence: Vietnam, kennedy, drugs, martin luther, our own acquisitiveness, kids. so there it is. mission acquisition. (2003)

this is not right not good and not the way it was supposed to be. the w[a]y it was supposed to be i was to marry a nice rich man who would care for me and have his children and they would be wonderful children who would grow up to have wildly successful careers and be filthy rich and take their grandma around to lots of interesting places and have scintilating conversaions and know many foreign languages. and after they were grown and gone my wealthy husband and i would travle around and have a wonderful relaxing life on the beach.* (2008)

Name Tag (1999)


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