Monday, January 24, 2011

0124 - Words and Art

and the heater is humming or vibrating or something behind me. the little one that never seems to stop. every now and then their thermostats go and i have to turn them off for a few minutes and then their alright again. this small one is worse. it's the cheapest one. you know thermostats aren't that expensive. everyone wants to cut and clip everywhere to make a little more money. that's a bad motivator. good service and pride in quality work is a better motivator. where would be all be that's my point sort of where we are i think. (2009)

No art created on the day is readily available and I'm not going to shuffle through my offline work this late in the day. Below is a photo I took earlier in the month of a generic January drawing, most probably from the 1990's.
I refuse to accept my destiny (1990's, January)
There were two long, detailed dreams I wrote down on this day in 2009. I will not bore us both with them. I'm surprised by how many dreams I record in January. I tend to think of it as a dull month. Apparently not.

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