Tuesday, January 25, 2011

0125 - Words and ...

Five out of the last, oh, ten years I have written something on January 25th. Meaning, I have done the Morning Pages. Tough decision today about what to post since it's all crap. Here are my choices.
  • ... in the sun of the bathroom i see the dryness of my cheek which has never been so dry. ever. it's beginning to line from dryness ... (2003)
  • being able to make friends and be a friend is the best skill you can teach a person. (2005)
  • my head is empty. that's all there is there is there is. and the desktop is lime green with yellow highlights. (2006)
  • maybe we are all each other's angels. (2009)
  • it's gray but lovely out there. looking forward to watching the day go by. (2010)
No art, but there is strange music from 2009. I was going to post it but it's 5 MB and although that's small by today's standards, it's still a big file. Maybe next time.

And here's a scratch board I made in high school. Homage to the Rolling Stones – perhaps.
Blow Away Danelion (1968?)

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