Monday, January 31, 2011

0131 - Wordless and Art

Today is a good day for art and a bad day for writing. Something wells up in me on the last day of January that quenches writing. The only words I have for this day are job related in pursuit of that perennial project: finding work I really like and am good at. Here's a summary from one in a million self-assessment tests I have taken (this one from in 2003).

  • I naturally generate lots of new ideas and ways of doing things. 
  • I like to be included in brainstorming sessions, or whenever new and different solutions must be found.
  • I will automatically see the big picture first before seeing the details. I can be a big help with strategic planning, and identifying possibilities.
  • I naturally see the links, relationships and patterns between different ideas. I see the “big picture.”
  • I thrive on change, and know how to capitalize on it. It is important that I have enough change and variety.
  • I have a creative imagination and am gifted at using words (verbally and/or in writing) to express new ideas, concepts or plots. I can be called on when a fresh, new way to communicate important information is needed.
  • I am an “idea person” and can quickly understand the essence, potential and significance of the situation. I can be a major contributor when work deals with options, strategies and possibilities.

background for an iPhone decal (2010)
untitled-1 (2006) proof that I make garbage occasionally
pastello (basho) - 2001

untitled-1ii (2001)
startup screen* (1996)
* I didn't really make this one. I believe it may be a screen capture. But it's a real early file and I find it intriguing that I still have it. The duck is from a funny show and I can't now remember the name of the show. If you know, tell me. In the foreground image he's naked. Since he's a duck it's okay. On the ancient Macs you could create a start up screen to replace the factory-supplied Mac OS screen (you remember - the double face image in shades of pale blue). As a geek in a pre-press shop it was compulsory to make your own. This is one of many that I made. The others (I am happy to report) were actually my original work and may still be around here some place.

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